Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do

Ok so, unless you've been living under a rock or something, you'll have heard about the dude who went nuts in a cinema and shot a load of people during the premiere of the latest Batman film.

If not, here we go.

I'm not saying this wasn't a tragic event, however people need to get a fucking sense of perspective. Every day there's more than 12 people killed in wars. All this tragedy has done is show me exactly how stupid people are. Some of the ones staunchly supporting looser gun laws and the use of guns, blaming video games and films for this behaviour, the ones going on about tragic loss of life... They are the ones who make this sort of thing possible.

If you allow people to carry arms, why would you be shocked when this sort of thing happens? Surely if you didn't want these sort of things to happen, you wouldn't allow people to have the potential for it to happen at any time.

In England we don't have guns widely available. You can safely leave your house in most parts of the country knowing you won't be shot at. I have to say that one of the things that concerns me about Max is knowing he lives in a state full of gun nuts in a country full of them.

Then this morning I saw something from the gunman's mother saying she'll stand by her son. Look woman, your son, mental health issues or not, went psycho on a cinema full of people. I'm familiar with mental health and I can tell you now that mental health aside, he wanted to do that. It wasn't a case of what he'd seen on TV the night before making him do it, it wasn't the voices in the head or the promises of virgins in the afterlife. He had the desire to fill a cinema full of bullets and see how many people he could take out at the time. Maybe it's your unwillingness to believe that which is making you take the foolish stance of "standing by him". It's one thing to stand by your kids when they're innocent, but when the blood is pretty much dripping off their hands? Seriously?

And of course, once again we're made to all feel sorry for America because this is the most traumatic thing ever to happen to their country a la 9/11. No really, people are going on about national grief etc. Again, some perspective. Look at how many people are dying in a war over oil. Do you see people in national grief about those troops? You're saying that the thing that happened in the cinema was a tragedy? Do you not think the deaths of thousands of young people in a war over money isn't senseless? When people sign up to the armed forces, they're knowing what they're getting into, but they don't choose who they fight. While we're on about how senseless this war is, why don't we look at how much was still being pumped into the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan when there was allegedly a global recession?

The next time I hear anyone going on about the "tragedies" in America, I will be firmly pointing them at the shit they did to set themselves up for it. Seriously, if the world was Facebook, America would be that fucking attention-seeking emo douchebag.